Pirates of the Dragon Seas

Session 11

Got the Middle Finger

  • Green dragon’s name is “Avarae”. Left Noloth the kobold behind to guard the stolen property and started marching Avarae towards Xanthalas’s lair.
  • Avarae teased that he was working with Charot the Vicious (a.k.a. the middle finger of the Red Fist) for money and a third conspirator against the dwarven crown, and wanted to plea-bargain the rest of the info to be let go. Eventually worked out a deal whereby Erin would accept him as a subject of the Amarantine Isles and grant him a western island and a letter of marque to privateer the pirates in the area. In return, Avarae disclosed the meeting he was due to have that evening with Charot and agreed to betray him to Erin.
  • Releasing the dragon and concocting a story about his escape, the PC group returned to Avarae’s lair and hauled the treasure back to Xantalas’s. Noloth was terribly impressed that the PCs went right out to “pursue Avarae” again rather than seeking an audience with Xanthalas to receive the promised reward.
  • Camouflaged with Newt’s pass without trace spell, the group ambushed Charot and four of his troops. Good as his word, Avarae turned on them and together managed to capture Charot. Erin signed and sealed the various documents for a rather battered Avarae, who immediately flew off for the Isles.
  • The third conspirator disclosed by Avarae was Lord Solfarix, so an assassination attempt was expected on the incapacitated Charot before he could be interrogated before the dwarven court the next day.
  • Esmey stood guard in the dungeon under the palace while the rest of the group personally answered a query by Solfarix.
  • Charot regained consciousness and spouted some hobgoblin nationalist line about goblinoids having been driven from their rightful homeland by the dwarves. In the course of the tirade, a magical fog cloud started to form in the cell.


Jagafeh Sebkha

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