Pirates of the Dragon Seas

Session 3

A Hive of Scum and Villainy


  • Dragonborn captain pulls Heskan aside to establish his loyalty
  • Pirate attack upon a human-crewed ship, berserker captain and swivel guns, only Newt managing to look cool
  • Erin challenges the dragonborn captain for the prize ship; lengthy battle while Thamior loots belowdecks
  • Anton, sailor from the prize ship, added to the retinue
  • Sail to the nearby dragonborn port Aurixkihlek (a.k.a. the city of gold) with the original ship in tow; all the cinnamon-dipped herring U can eat
  • Arrange for mooring from the harbormaster, and for selling the dragonborn captain at the slave markets; also leather goods (whip, collar & leash)
  • Lavish meal at the Eighth Circle tiefling-run tavern for non-dragonborn; spotted Badass the centaur captain from the pits of Tarterus and his gryphon parrot
  • Returned to the slave markets for the early session; bought Thomas and sold the dragonborn captain to mysterious red clan rep
  • Erin went to a spa and changed into her fancy froufrou clothing while Thamior fenced the cinnamon for big $$$
  • Promenade to the embassy district to report Erin and Newt’s survival and grant asylum to Heskan.


  • Dragonborn captain pulls Heskan aside to establish his loyalty

Hahaha, that was his first mistake

Session 3
Jagafeh Sebkha

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