Pirates of the Dragon Seas

Session 4

How to Win Friends and Influence People


  • Erin stayed at the embassy to study navigation under Heskan’s tutelage
  • Newt checked at the docks and discovered that human day-laborers could be recruited in the mornings
  • Thamior checked the hub for quests, found a job bounty hunting white dragonborn bandits
  • Newt also discovered that the Redmane clan was crawling all over the prize ship; a dragonborn aristocraft named Balazar had him summon Erin to treat.
  • Erin had more trouble deciding what to wear than negotiating with Balazar; accepted 700gp for the ship.
  • Located, defeated, and returned bandits to local precinct
  • Returned slain dwarves and their goods to dwarven embassy
  • Partied hard with the looted barrel of wine at The Eighth Circle.
  • Picked a crew in the morning, searched the marketplace for cargo, and spent the entire day readying for the voyage back to Port Anselon. Also assorted personal items: potion of healing for Newt, downpayment on dress plate armor from the grateful dwarves for Erin.
  • Set sail the next morning, heading north to the big beacon. Avoided a kraken, but not a “ghost ship” being used as a decoy by sahaugin pirates.


Jagafeh Sebkha

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