Pirates of the Dragon Seas

Session 5

They Ruined My Prom


  • Return to ship, fighting Sahuagin
  • Split the party: Erin + Heskan go belowdecks, Thamior and Newt separated abovedecks
  • Erin falls down the hatch. Feist fights. Thomas saves Heskan with a shove.
  • “Death by Natural Causes” is Newt’s new catchcry
  • Defeat sahuagin with Newt and Heskan unconscious. Lost 2 crew.
  • Arrive at Port Anselon
  • Erin introduces Thamior and Heskan to her parents, who reveal that there’s a griffon entourage with a dragon.
  • Thamior finishes a bar fight over a spilt drunk and stabs a dockworker
  • Heskan meets the bronze dragon Sharptooth.
  • Erin is made to learn dance moves by her mother, and to do the night vigil atop one of the spooky giant stone heads before tomorrow’s knighthood ceremony. Meets Newt in the morning, waiting for a sign of heaven’s favor. Head druid Alistair Crow presiding.
  • Legend of the Table Flip Slasher — rumor gets around about Thamior’s bar assault, although nobody’s fingered him quite yet.
  • Flamenco/matador dance with a white rose and Swiftbeak the griffon ambassador
  • “They ruined my prom!” Erin’s knighthood ceremony is interrupted by the kidnapping of Swiftbeak’s daughter Guenevere. (She’s half duck which floats, and half kitten which sinks.)
  • Erin pulls rank and diverts town guards from arresting Thamior and into helping chase the kidnappers (possibly disguised as druids?). Bloodhounds lose the trail east of town.
  • Alistair does a divination and sends the party to an abandoned fort on a small island just east of the main port. Party is flown there by Sharptooth and some of the griffon entourage, but the quadrupeds won’t go inside with them….


Jagafeh Sebkha

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