Pirates of the Dragon Seas

Session 7

Bad Moon Rising


  • The smuggling ship with the crates of silver ore is sailed to the city docks, and the crates directed to the warehouse with the other trade goods.
  • The foreman is interrogated in a dungeon cell under Falcaster Manor. It turns out he’s not the one that raised the zombies, he was just working for “Feran”.
  • “I thought you looked hungry”
  • Meeting with Alistair at the druid temple where some guards are marshalled for an assault on Feran’s lair. The druids are unable to lend personnel; they have particularly important religious duties tonight.
  • Newt and Thamior (in rat form) scout out Feran’s hideout
  • Thamior climbs down the cliff and enters the cave.
  • Inside they spot a minotaur skeleton guard, which Newt bypasses as a rat to discover Feran’s necromantic laboratory further in, guarded by a second minotaur skeleton.
  • Thamior fails the climb back up, is knocked unconscious and abandoned by Newt.
  • Erin, Thomas and 4 guards decide something must’ve happened, and approach by rowboat
  • Newt is found unconscious on the beach; Thamior put in the boat with one guard
  • Erin, Thomas and the guards battle the sketelons while Heskan and Newt fight Feran.
  • (This was Jason’s first battle with a full-blooded caster. Succeeded in casting Crown of Madness on Erin, but couldn’t keep concentration on it with all the ranged attacks.)
  • Feran takes down Heskan, but the martial group brings down his last minotaur. He casts Invisibility and runs. Newt beans him unconscious.
  • Erin gets all excited about a theatrical interrogation; what about that big stone table on the promontory and a bunch of druids with sickles? Newt talks her into doing it at the guard station in town instead.
  • With the Gildastani ambassador acting as “bad cop”, Feran admits to the tax evasion, but doesn’t know anything about the griffon girl. The ambassador is very unhappy at the dead end and demands something be done.
  • Erin capriciously reverts to her original plan and heads back to the druid temple.
  • Newt lawyers Erin into respecting longstanding island tradition and respecting the sanctity of the druids’ rituals. But Thamior and the ambassador aren’t so bound, and head up to the stone table to see what’s going on.
  • Thamior spots the druids preparing to sacrifice the griffon girl, and sends the ambassador (who hadn’t yet seen) to fetch Erin.
  • Erin demands answers from Alistair, who explains that Bellicus demands one of the outsiders be sacrificed, lest the island suffer His wrath. Erin is (surprisingly) convinced and attacks the ambassador instead, who ends up subdued by a dozen druids with shillelaghs.
  • The unconscious griffon girl ends up saved, Feran and the ambassador are tossed off the cliff into the sea, and a cover story is made up: the ambassdor died a hero, fighting the evil necromancer to save his daughter.
  • Heskan tries to interfere with the druids’ ritual, since he defies Bellicus and all his works. The druids do succeed in their sacrifice, and then transform into wolves, running down and killing Heskan.
  • The trade negotiations fall apart without the ambassador, but the secret of the sacrifice is kept. Erin gets knighted by Alistair, but knows that she’s betrayed her Oath of Devotion by killing two people to protect a lie.
  • Erin’s parents send her to [Landlocked Human Nation] to search for a husband, assigning her old teacher Esmey Grim as guide and bodyguard. Esmey is unusually well-travelled and has previously visited [Landlocked Human Nation].


Ah, poor Heskan. If the druids had powered up the shillelaghs and come for Heskan that way i’d have tried a last stand and seen how many druid minions I could wipe out with the Shatter spell and the frost breath.

But frickin’ wolves! That just called for the chase scene and Heskan getting run down by wolves in the night under the full moon.

Session 7
Jagafeh Sebkha

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