Gods of the Southern Continent

Gods of the southern continent:


Solaris is the king of the gods and is depicted as a old, white bearded human with multi-coloured wings. He controls the sun and is a believer of justice through strength.


Diaphonia is the god of chaos and change. She is depicted as a woman wearing the theatre mask (happy sad mask) and a dress of many different colours. Her worshippers are artist and actors. Those who have met her describe her as very emotional and it is said that those who see under her mask have gone mad.


Dusk is the god of knowledge and commerce. Where Diaphonia is emotional Dusk is very unemotional. Dusk is depicted as three being in one, the Gnome Dusk Tome, the Dwarf Dusk Forge, and the Halfling Dusk Gold. Tome represents inspiration, Forge represents creation, and Gold represents commercialism. His worshippers are innovators, marketers, smiths and librarians.


Tyranus is the god of tyranny and enslavement. He is depicted as a death knight with glowing red eyes. He is the god of bandits and evil warriors.


Lunaria is the god of nature, the night and moon. She is also seen as the god of dreams and death. She is depicted as a beautiful dark elf usually riding a unicorn. She is the wife of Solaris as is worshipped by druids, elves, and seen as the new head god by the Dark Elves of the southern tundra.


Crysis is the god of deception, lies, and trickery. Crysis has no depiction as they can be anyone. The only way to recognise Crysis are the cockroaches that accompany them. Crysis is worshipped by thieves, swindlers, and spies.


Amoreana is the god of love, relationships and birth. She is the daughter of Solaris and Lunaria and is depicted as a beautiful woman in a simple white robe, her hair decorated with flowers. Her worshippers run the orphanages and poor houses around the continent and her travelling worshippers perform weddings and births.


Bellicus is the god of the sea and storms. He is depicted as a minotaur usually carrying a trident and net. His worshippers are sailors and those who work the sea. The minotaur race worship him and as such are seen as the greatest of the sea fearing races.

Gods of the Southern Continent

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