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The adventure of the Dragon Seas takes place in the archipelago of the northern Dragon Seas. This archipelago is a major part of the Dragonborn Kingdom, located at the top of the Southern Continent.

The country of (Dragonborn Kingdom) is an almost lawless place might makes right and the forgotten hoards of dragons become the hidden treasure for looters on the high seas. Almost all things are permissible, anything or anyone can be bought and sold, and the new threat of gunpowder weaponry makes anyone a threat.

The characters will start in the port city of Aurixkihlek, one of the largest sailing and market ports of the Southern Continent and gateway to the races of the continent to the east. As 1st level characters you are trying to find passage on a ship, hoping to find treasures and possibly fame and fortune.

From this page you may read about:

Kingdoms of the Southern Continent

Gods of the Southern Continent

History and Legends o the Southern Continent

Place of Dragons in the world

The Eastern Continent

While there is much history, lore and information about the Southern Continent I really suck at names so many names will have a placeholder looking like (This). If anyone comes up with a cool sounding name I will be willing to replace my placeholder info.

Pirates of the Dragon Seas

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