Pirates of the Dragon Seas

Session 6

The Temple of Doom


  • Wererats give us directions and are reimbursed for their help
  • Subterranean prison; Heskan euthanases a caged skeleton
  • Minotaur skeleton slam-dunks Newt
  • Hook up an elevator cage, determined the existence of a further cavern beneath the pit.
  • Short rest for Newt to recuperate and Erin to rally everyone.
  • Descend into an alcove; Thamior locates zombies, planned ambush headbursts 4 zombies in the surprise round
  • Continue along to a mining area, fight with a zombie ogre and six other zombies, another short rest to recuperate. Erin offers Thamior a combat tip about using a dagger in his off hand.
  • Thamior disguises everyone as zombies; Newt and Thamior push the cart with Erin and Heskan in it around the mine
  • Minecart gets loose (Erin rolls a 1, pulls the brake lever loose) runs over zombies. Newt and Thamior pretend to be part of the pursuing horde
  • “Hold your breath…they can smell your brains.”
  • At the end of the rail, unmarked ship with zombie dockworkers. Erin and Heskan retreat, pursued (slowly) by dock zombies
  • Heskan breaks disguise and assassinates ogre zombie once Newt and Erin arrive
  • Everyone impersonates zombies successfully (Heskan pretends to be a crate) to board the ship and ambush and knock unconscious a live human in the captain’s quarters. Heskan casts the gangplank off; after a brief scuffle the remaining shipboard zombies are tossed overboard. Zombies remaining on the dock are easy pickings for Heskan’s Eldritch Blast.
  • Thamior sneaks down the mooring rope to check out the dock office, finds only old paperwork from when the mine was in operation.
  • Newt and Erin very…slowly…row…the ship out of the cavern. A search of the ship turns up silver ore rather than the missing Guenevere.


Holy cats but the synergy between Thamior’s Sneak Attack+Assassinate and Erin’s Commander’s Strike+Action Surge was alarming during this session.

Session 6

…ah, that really WAS too good to be true. The error was that Action Surge can’t be used for making two Commander’s Strikes in succession, since it would requires a second bonus action from the Battlemaster and a second reaction from the ally. So Erin can double Thamior’s Assassination attacks, but not triple them like she was supposedly doing.

Session 6

Better that we found out now that sessions later. And even the doubling was impressive.

Session 6
Jagafeh Sebkha

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