Pirates of the Dragon Seas

Session 9

Didn't get the Middle Finger

Flexed Erin’s status to get put up by dwarves at Northgate

Joined a sergeant of the dwarves to head into the capital via the underground road

Tunnel collapse with terrorist graffiti, pause to play chess/help clear

The Red Terror escapes with Erin’s rightful plate armor.

Arrival at Hearthstone.

Travel to the dwarf capital Forgeholme.

Met with the king of the dwarves at a lunch with the dragon ambassador Lord Solfarix. A week hence the retinue is to start travelling to the main capital of [Landlocked Human Nation] where there will be a conference with all the leaders of the different nations which is usually held every ten years.

Lord Solfarix pulled the group aside to ask for help with a young green dragon which was causing unrest with the nesting ancient dragons. The dwarves have a contract with the dragons to allow them to hoard peacefully; in return they get the peace of mind that only a large group of dragons can provide. The rogue dragon has been pilfering hoard treasures while the dragons have been sleeping. Solfarix gave the group an inquisition gem (pretty much the dragon version of a warrant) to allow you to talk to the nesting dragons and find out what is happening, hopefully allowing them to find and take out the menace.


Jagafeh Sebkha

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