Pirates of the Dragon Seas

Session 13

The Stars Are Wrong

  • The day before departing to the tourney, Erin has an audience with the dwarven king and successfully suggests a commemorative portrait of the Trial of Solfarix.
  • Over the course of the day, everyone sits for the portrait artists. But Thamior cannot be found, and searching his room uncovers signs of a struggle — and a black arrow.
  • Newt in rat form, backed up by Erin and Esmey, explores the ventilation shafts of the palace but are unable to track the kidnapper once the trail leads outside the palace.
  • Making inquiries in town about the black arrow and following up at the bardic college turned up that the black arrow is the symbol of the Starkatteri, a dark elf cult devoted to the Old Ones. The Longest Night which occurred four years ago was a cosmic event in which the face of the moon and ordering of the stars in the firmament were set asunder.
  • Evening sendoff event at which the group meets Minos the great hierophant of Bellicus, king of the minotaur kingdom of Meridian.
  • Esmey booby traps Erin’s ceiling grate with a land mine that night, and fails to disarm it that morning. Boom.
  • The group departs with the dwarf-led convoy the next morning, which is ambushed by hobgoblin insurgents. A suicide bomber detonates and overturns the rear carriage (containing the dwarven king, Minos, Erin and Helen); Esmey is riding shotgun atop the front carriage.


Jagafeh Sebkha

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