Pirates of the Dragon Seas

Session 14

Circle the Wagons

  • Newt knocks over most of the southern ambush with a Tidal Wave. The remainder suicide bomb the front cart, destroying it, killing Feist outright and knocking Esmey and Thomas out. (Oh my god, they killed Feist. The bastards!)
  • Erin and one of the minotaurs right the lead carriage while the rest of the minotaurs hold back the northern hobgoblins force.
  • Helen runs to the front carriage, getting Esmey and Thomas back to consciousness. Thomas runs to the horse pulling the rear carriage and turns it around to escape. Erin grapples and manhandles the hobgoblins out of the way of the fleeing carriage.
  • Helen and the dwarf and minotaur kings subdue the lone assassin who managed to jump the carriage on the way out.
  • Interrogation of the hobgoblin survivors doesn’t turn up any interesting intelligence, so they’re remanded into the dwarves’ custody.
  • The tournament entourage postpones further travel to spend the night in Westgate. Erin arranges to have Feist skinned, and then presses ahead with everyone else to the rendezvous with the Black Arrow.
  • Thamior shows up and sells everyone a dubious story about how he woke up chained to a tree surrounded by masked cultists in dark garb and managed to escape.


Helen reached level 4 after this session. She took the Inspiring Leader feat and gained the Message cantrip and the 2nd-level ritual Animal Messenger.

Session 14
Jagafeh Sebkha

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