Pirates of the Dragon Seas

Session 14
Circle the Wagons
  • Newt knocks over most of the southern ambush with a Tidal Wave. The remainder suicide bomb the front cart, destroying it, killing Feist outright and knocking Esmey and Thomas out. (Oh my god, they killed Feist. The bastards!)
  • Erin and one of the minotaurs right the lead carriage while the rest of the minotaurs hold back the northern hobgoblins force.
  • Helen runs to the front carriage, getting Esmey and Thomas back to consciousness. Thomas runs to the horse pulling the rear carriage and turns it around to escape. Erin grapples and manhandles the hobgoblins out of the way of the fleeing carriage.
  • Helen and the dwarf and minotaur kings subdue the lone assassin who managed to jump the carriage on the way out.
  • Interrogation of the hobgoblin survivors doesn’t turn up any interesting intelligence, so they’re remanded into the dwarves’ custody.
  • The tournament entourage postpones further travel to spend the night in Westgate. Erin arranges to have Feist skinned, and then presses ahead with everyone else to the rendezvous with the Black Arrow.
  • Thamior shows up and sells everyone a dubious story about how he woke up chained to a tree surrounded by masked cultists in dark garb and managed to escape.
Session 13
The Stars Are Wrong
  • The day before departing to the tourney, Erin has an audience with the dwarven king and successfully suggests a commemorative portrait of the Trial of Solfarix.
  • Over the course of the day, everyone sits for the portrait artists. But Thamior cannot be found, and searching his room uncovers signs of a struggle — and a black arrow.
  • Newt in rat form, backed up by Erin and Esmey, explores the ventilation shafts of the palace but are unable to track the kidnapper once the trail leads outside the palace.
  • Making inquiries in town about the black arrow and following up at the bardic college turned up that the black arrow is the symbol of the Starkatteri, a dark elf cult devoted to the Old Ones. The Longest Night which occurred four years ago was a cosmic event in which the face of the moon and ordering of the stars in the firmament were set asunder.
  • Evening sendoff event at which the group meets Minos the great hierophant of Bellicus, king of the minotaur kingdom of Meridian.
  • Esmey booby traps Erin’s ceiling grate with a land mine that night, and fails to disarm it that morning. Boom.
  • The group departs with the dwarf-led convoy the next morning, which is ambushed by hobgoblin insurgents. A suicide bomber detonates and overturns the rear carriage (containing the dwarven king, Minos, Erin and Helen); Esmey is riding shotgun atop the front carriage.
Session 12
And I would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you meddling humans!
  • Accosted by red dragon assassin; barely manage to keep Charot alive. (Yes, we fought a dragon in a dungeon….)
  • “I look for his wallet….” (Rolls 1 on Investigation. “…dragons don’t have wallets.”
  • Took both Charot and the would-be assassin to the dwarven court.
  • Erin personally accused Lord Solfarix of complicity with the Red Hand insurgents, based on the testimony of the green dragon Avarae.
  • Charot revealed that Avarae was his go-between to someone placed at court, but didn’t know who.
  • Solfarix vigorously denied involvement, argued that he wouldn’t’ve sent the party to Avarae and implicated himself. Erin countered that sending the humans to kill Avarae and remove the link back to him actually wouldn’t made perfect sense, on the assumption that humans always murder dragons rather than talking to them.
  • The red dragon assassin was convinced to reveal his employer, but shot by Solfarix. He would’ve gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for us meddling kids.
  • The courtroom battle turned into an actual battle in the courtroom, with the party holding off Solfarix until the dwarven musketeers arrived to gun him down.
Session 11
Got the Middle Finger
  • Green dragon’s name is “Avarae”. Left Noloth the kobold behind to guard the stolen property and started marching Avarae towards Xanthalas’s lair.
  • Avarae teased that he was working with Charot the Vicious (a.k.a. the middle finger of the Red Fist) for money and a third conspirator against the dwarven crown, and wanted to plea-bargain the rest of the info to be let go. Eventually worked out a deal whereby Erin would accept him as a subject of the Amarantine Isles and grant him a western island and a letter of marque to privateer the pirates in the area. In return, Avarae disclosed the meeting he was due to have that evening with Charot and agreed to betray him to Erin.
  • Releasing the dragon and concocting a story about his escape, the PC group returned to Avarae’s lair and hauled the treasure back to Xantalas’s. Noloth was terribly impressed that the PCs went right out to “pursue Avarae” again rather than seeking an audience with Xanthalas to receive the promised reward.
  • Camouflaged with Newt’s pass without trace spell, the group ambushed Charot and four of his troops. Good as his word, Avarae turned on them and together managed to capture Charot. Erin signed and sealed the various documents for a rather battered Avarae, who immediately flew off for the Isles.
  • The third conspirator disclosed by Avarae was Lord Solfarix, so an assassination attempt was expected on the incapacitated Charot before he could be interrogated before the dwarven court the next day.
  • Esmey stood guard in the dungeon under the palace while the rest of the group personally answered a query by Solfarix.
  • Charot regained consciousness and spouted some hobgoblin nationalist line about goblinoids having been driven from their rightful homeland by the dwarves. In the course of the tirade, a magical fog cloud started to form in the cell.
Session 10
You're under arrest
  • Helen is sent to the college of herards to get get Erin’s shield emblazoned and research next week’s tourney.
  • Thamior gets marked for death during the night. Erin complains to the hotel management about lax security.
  • Did some research on local dragons, visited Lady Vanlith, given a lift to Xanathas. Xanathas’ servant the winged kobold Noloth had spotted the rogue green dragon and knew the cave where it was holed up.
  • The party returned to Forgeholme, tooled up, and executed a SWAT-style raid, successfully arresting the green dragon.
Session 9
Didn't get the Middle Finger

Flexed Erin’s status to get put up by dwarves at Northgate

Joined a sergeant of the dwarves to head into the capital via the underground road

Tunnel collapse with terrorist graffiti, pause to play chess/help clear

The Red Terror escapes with Erin’s rightful plate armor.

Arrival at Hearthstone.

Travel to the dwarf capital Forgeholme.

Met with the king of the dwarves at a lunch with the dragon ambassador Lord Solfarix. A week hence the retinue is to start travelling to the main capital of [Landlocked Human Nation] where there will be a conference with all the leaders of the different nations which is usually held every ten years.

Lord Solfarix pulled the group aside to ask for help with a young green dragon which was causing unrest with the nesting ancient dragons. The dwarves have a contract with the dragons to allow them to hoard peacefully; in return they get the peace of mind that only a large group of dragons can provide. The rogue dragon has been pilfering hoard treasures while the dragons have been sleeping. Solfarix gave the group an inquisition gem (pretty much the dragon version of a warrant) to allow you to talk to the nesting dragons and find out what is happening, hopefully allowing them to find and take out the menace.

Session 8
On the (Dwarven) Road Again


In addition to Erin, Thamior, Newt, and Esmey, the retinue bound for the dwarven kingdom on the mainland includes Erin’s new handmaid Helen Hale, Thomas in his capacity as Erin’s squire, and the leopard Feist.

Feran’s impounded ship is christened “The Silver Runner”, loaded with the crates of silver ore, and sailed to the port town of Watergate in the northern part of the mainland dwarven kingdom. Esmey uses Watergate’s architecture as an opportunity to school everyone on the history of dwarven stone fortification and the vitality to cannons.

The harbormaster mentions a blockage in the northern part of the dwarven road causing delays in transport. Nobody knows why traffic isn’t getting through, but it’s backing up the docks and causing unrest on the street.

Erin hits the mercantile district; after all, she’s a merchant here to trade silver! The word seems to be than it’s some manner of monster causing the trouble, but nobody’s escaped to tell what sort. She tries to drum up support for an armed convoy to break the blockade. None of the dwarf merchants are willing to take the risk, but she finds a minotaur caravan made of sterner stuff and willing to dare the monsters blocking the road.

Thomas is geared up to Esmey’s specification and on Erin’s dime to be a plausible caravan guard: a musket (student grade), studded leather, alchemy supplies for making gunpowder, Erin’s old shield. Erin upgrades to a +1 shield with a loan from Esmey. The abundance of hand-me-downs even sees Helen outfitted in something more appropriate for the rigors of the road: Thomas’s old leather armor, Erin’s dagger, and Esmey’s light crossbow.

After a night in a good inn, the Amarantine party joins up with the minotaur caravan, which is led by a fellow named Cowson.

Reaching the site of the previous disappearances, Thamior is sent ahead to scout. He hears growling and pulls back without seeing anything directly. His report upon returning is that it must be big, but whatever it is, it’s alone.

Leaving Helen back with the caravan, Erin marches in as heavily-armored bait, with the remainder of the force following 50’ behind. It’s not a subtle approach, but it works — she makes contact with a fearsomely beclawed green-skinned humanoid, twice the height of a man but for its hunched posture.

troll-1.jpg Newt identifies the creature as a troll, and uses Flaming Sphere to suppress its regeneration ability while his companions and the minotaurs hack it down. Two additional trolls are drawn by the commotion and a two front battle ensues, with the minotaurs holding back one troll and the humans holding back the other, while Newt stays in the middle directing the Flaming Sphere on one front and using Produce Flame on the other.

Searching the area after the battle, the trolls’ nest is found to contain a small amount of coin, sundry weapons, and one genuine treasure: a +1 greataxe. This ends up being gifted to Cowson, the leader of the minotaur caravan guards.

The company is feted upon their arrival at the dwarven town of Northgate.

Session 7
Bad Moon Rising


  • The smuggling ship with the crates of silver ore is sailed to the city docks, and the crates directed to the warehouse with the other trade goods.
  • The foreman is interrogated in a dungeon cell under Falcaster Manor. It turns out he’s not the one that raised the zombies, he was just working for “Feran”.
  • “I thought you looked hungry”
  • Meeting with Alistair at the druid temple where some guards are marshalled for an assault on Feran’s lair. The druids are unable to lend personnel; they have particularly important religious duties tonight.
  • Newt and Thamior (in rat form) scout out Feran’s hideout
  • Thamior climbs down the cliff and enters the cave.
  • Inside they spot a minotaur skeleton guard, which Newt bypasses as a rat to discover Feran’s necromantic laboratory further in, guarded by a second minotaur skeleton.
  • Thamior fails the climb back up, is knocked unconscious and abandoned by Newt.
  • Erin, Thomas and 4 guards decide something must’ve happened, and approach by rowboat
  • Newt is found unconscious on the beach; Thamior put in the boat with one guard
  • Erin, Thomas and the guards battle the sketelons while Heskan and Newt fight Feran.
  • (This was Jason’s first battle with a full-blooded caster. Succeeded in casting Crown of Madness on Erin, but couldn’t keep concentration on it with all the ranged attacks.)
  • Feran takes down Heskan, but the martial group brings down his last minotaur. He casts Invisibility and runs. Newt beans him unconscious.
  • Erin gets all excited about a theatrical interrogation; what about that big stone table on the promontory and a bunch of druids with sickles? Newt talks her into doing it at the guard station in town instead.
  • With the Gildastani ambassador acting as “bad cop”, Feran admits to the tax evasion, but doesn’t know anything about the griffon girl. The ambassador is very unhappy at the dead end and demands something be done.
  • Erin capriciously reverts to her original plan and heads back to the druid temple.
  • Newt lawyers Erin into respecting longstanding island tradition and respecting the sanctity of the druids’ rituals. But Thamior and the ambassador aren’t so bound, and head up to the stone table to see what’s going on.
  • Thamior spots the druids preparing to sacrifice the griffon girl, and sends the ambassador (who hadn’t yet seen) to fetch Erin.
  • Erin demands answers from Alistair, who explains that Bellicus demands one of the outsiders be sacrificed, lest the island suffer His wrath. Erin is (surprisingly) convinced and attacks the ambassador instead, who ends up subdued by a dozen druids with shillelaghs.
  • The unconscious griffon girl ends up saved, Feran and the ambassador are tossed off the cliff into the sea, and a cover story is made up: the ambassdor died a hero, fighting the evil necromancer to save his daughter.
  • Heskan tries to interfere with the druids’ ritual, since he defies Bellicus and all his works. The druids do succeed in their sacrifice, and then transform into wolves, running down and killing Heskan.
  • The trade negotiations fall apart without the ambassador, but the secret of the sacrifice is kept. Erin gets knighted by Alistair, but knows that she’s betrayed her Oath of Devotion by killing two people to protect a lie.
  • Erin’s parents send her to [Landlocked Human Nation] to search for a husband, assigning her old teacher Esmey Grim as guide and bodyguard. Esmey is unusually well-travelled and has previously visited [Landlocked Human Nation].
Session 6
The Temple of Doom


  • Wererats give us directions and are reimbursed for their help
  • Subterranean prison; Heskan euthanases a caged skeleton
  • Minotaur skeleton slam-dunks Newt
  • Hook up an elevator cage, determined the existence of a further cavern beneath the pit.
  • Short rest for Newt to recuperate and Erin to rally everyone.
  • Descend into an alcove; Thamior locates zombies, planned ambush headbursts 4 zombies in the surprise round
  • Continue along to a mining area, fight with a zombie ogre and six other zombies, another short rest to recuperate. Erin offers Thamior a combat tip about using a dagger in his off hand.
  • Thamior disguises everyone as zombies; Newt and Thamior push the cart with Erin and Heskan in it around the mine
  • Minecart gets loose (Erin rolls a 1, pulls the brake lever loose) runs over zombies. Newt and Thamior pretend to be part of the pursuing horde
  • “Hold your breath…they can smell your brains.”
  • At the end of the rail, unmarked ship with zombie dockworkers. Erin and Heskan retreat, pursued (slowly) by dock zombies
  • Heskan breaks disguise and assassinates ogre zombie once Newt and Erin arrive
  • Everyone impersonates zombies successfully (Heskan pretends to be a crate) to board the ship and ambush and knock unconscious a live human in the captain’s quarters. Heskan casts the gangplank off; after a brief scuffle the remaining shipboard zombies are tossed overboard. Zombies remaining on the dock are easy pickings for Heskan’s Eldritch Blast.
  • Thamior sneaks down the mooring rope to check out the dock office, finds only old paperwork from when the mine was in operation.
  • Newt and Erin very…slowly…row…the ship out of the cavern. A search of the ship turns up silver ore rather than the missing Guenevere.
Session 5
They Ruined My Prom


  • Return to ship, fighting Sahuagin
  • Split the party: Erin + Heskan go belowdecks, Thamior and Newt separated abovedecks
  • Erin falls down the hatch. Feist fights. Thomas saves Heskan with a shove.
  • “Death by Natural Causes” is Newt’s new catchcry
  • Defeat sahuagin with Newt and Heskan unconscious. Lost 2 crew.
  • Arrive at Port Anselon
  • Erin introduces Thamior and Heskan to her parents, who reveal that there’s a griffon entourage with a dragon.
  • Thamior finishes a bar fight over a spilt drunk and stabs a dockworker
  • Heskan meets the bronze dragon Sharptooth.
  • Erin is made to learn dance moves by her mother, and to do the night vigil atop one of the spooky giant stone heads before tomorrow’s knighthood ceremony. Meets Newt in the morning, waiting for a sign of heaven’s favor. Head druid Alistair Crow presiding.
  • Legend of the Table Flip Slasher — rumor gets around about Thamior’s bar assault, although nobody’s fingered him quite yet.
  • Flamenco/matador dance with a white rose and Swiftbeak the griffon ambassador
  • “They ruined my prom!” Erin’s knighthood ceremony is interrupted by the kidnapping of Swiftbeak’s daughter Guenevere. (She’s half duck which floats, and half kitten which sinks.)
  • Erin pulls rank and diverts town guards from arresting Thamior and into helping chase the kidnappers (possibly disguised as druids?). Bloodhounds lose the trail east of town.
  • Alistair does a divination and sends the party to an abandoned fort on a small island just east of the main port. Party is flown there by Sharptooth and some of the griffon entourage, but the quadrupeds won’t go inside with them….

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